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I’m James Rognon. Throughout my career I’ve worked with several companies, ranging from small businesses to fortune 500 companies, creating and executing  digital and social media strategies. I’ve since left the industry to pass on my knowledge and experience. I teach full time at a private university, and create content through my social media channels. Here they are:

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I haven’t always been teaching. In the past I’ve worked with several companies, where I’ve created their digital and social media strategies and content. Here are some of the companies I’ve worked with.


I’m sitting hear in conference talk and caught myself think, “how can I jump 10 seconds.” To much time on YouTube?

We as #creatives frequently feel inadequate. Self-doubt and the fear of being judged by others leads to us eventually saying, I don't have enough time to create something today. We use excuses to cover the fear of putting ourselves out there, something I'm trying to overcome. https://t.co/i9v15iXGyg JamesRognon photo

A few simple edits can make a photo better. My order for editing is cropping, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, temperature, vibrance, clarity, dehaze and finally exposure. These do different things but can take an image (the second one) to the final image. #lightroom https://t.co/dwaLkebaCm JamesRognon photo


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