bassmaster classic

Like most retailers Cabela’s tries to comp sales year over year. For any business  new customer acquisition or gaining more market share can help improve year over year sales. Because Cabela’s wants to gain more market share within the bass fishing category we had the opportunity to support the Bassmaster Classic, the super bowl of bass fishing tournaments. The strategy I developed generated a 200% increase in sales over the previous year due to a large increase of market share within bass fishing focused states.

the website


In order to hit our goal and increase sale I needed create a campaign which had a super bowl feeling and demonstrated Cabela’s is a primary contender in the bass fishing market. We looked at the previous years creative and determined what was beneficial and how we could improve the experience.


last year


this year


In order to improve the experience I scheduled and conducted a photoshoot to utilize for the creative branding. The photography and branding was applied in various mediums including retail sinage, printed works, in the booth at the event and even large 30 foot banners on the side of stores.



I also created three different stages of the landing page for the different stages of the event. Cabela’s had the support of pro staff whom were participating in the event and they were giving video updates during the tournament. After it had concluded our pro staff members also provided tips. We also wanted to showcase how these professionals did in the event.

during the event


after the event




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