humanitarian diamonds

Almost a year after I went to Africa we started working on a project to help the people in Liberia be self reliant. West Africa is one of the richest places on earth for natural resources of gold and diamonds. The goal of the project was to take a natural resource and have it sustain the villages it came from.

The logo was created to help symbolize all the different people that will be effected by each diamond being sold. I kept with a rustic african look with the icon of the diamond and hand prints.

logo concepts


final logo




For the website I wanted to use large images of some of the people we already have helped in Liberia. I wanted to give the user a way to connect with the people in Africa and see what kind of change they were making. What better way to tell a story then to use the images of the people the consumer is helping. I shot all the photos used on the site from the last time I visited Liberia West Africa. During my 5 day visit I shot over 5000 pictures and 30 hours of video.

web design




I was also asked to create some examples of what rough diamond jewelry sets look like. Rough diamond jewelry, although very pretty, are not very popular. I sketched what the rough diamonds and also jewelry could look like.

hand drawn raw diamonds


Although the content of the site is incredibly important, the main function of the site was to sell the rough diamonds. After setting up and totally modifying the WordPress theme, I used the power of WordPress to set up an easy e-commerce site.

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