Content marketing, or even inbound marketing is all about the content you produce to invite people in. This is also know as pull marketing. For one of my clients I was asked to produce an ebook about creating and optimizing a google+ page for your business. Keeping the companies branding and style was equally important as was the content being produced. We also used modern illustrations to help demonstrate some of the content within the book.

ebook pages

Creating-and-Optimizing-a-Google+-Page-For-Your-Business-eBook Creating-and-Optimizing-a-Google+-Page-For-Your-Business-eBook-3 Creating-and-Optimizing-a-Google+-Page-For-Your-Business-eBook-6 Creating-and-Optimizing-a-Google+-Page-For-Your-Business-eBook-7 Creating-and-Optimizing-a-Google+-Page-For-Your-Business-eBook-18 Creating-and-Optimizing-a-Google+-Page-For-Your-Business-eBook-26


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