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Social Media News

  1. Facebook to acquire Giphy for $400 million
  2. Instagram: Continuing Our Work to Fight Online Bullying
  3. TikTok faces scrutiny over minors’ user data … again
  4. Senate votes down ban on spying on internet history without a warrant
  5. Data Shows Snapchat is Highly Influential in Getting Younger People to Vote

Social media strategy/tutorials

  1. The DOs and DON’Ts of using an Instagram automation tool
  2. 7 Vital Components of a Successful Brand Strategy
  3. 8 stats that demonstrate how social drives business growth
  4. Why You’re Failing at “Finding a Niche” (FTF 8.4)
  5. Instagram ads vs Facebook ads: Which is better for your business?

Content Creation

  1. 5 Google Ranking Signals Content Marketers Need to Know
  2. Marketing Without a Budget? Use These Tactics for Success
  3. 8 Things to Help Your Content Marketing Survive the Pandemic


  1. 2020 Social Media Marketing Industry Report


  1. How to Use Emotional Imagery to Boost Landing Page Conversions
  2. Micro-Typography: How To Space And Kern Punctuation Marks And Other Symbols


  1. How to Solve the Biggest COMPOSITION Problem in Landscape Photography
  2. How to take a punch photo self-portrait – Fun Home Photography!
  3. Five different Portraits with one light


  1. How to Make Videos People Will Watch on Social Media
  2. How to Create the Right Video Experiences for Your Brand
  3. How to Produce High-Quality Videos for Social Media

Adobe tutorials

  1. Design it Yourself: Reminder Posts for Social Media

Quote of the week

“What is now proved was once only imagined.” – William Blake

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