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Graphic Designer & a Integrated Marketer

From my early days as a young artist to leading creative teams at billion-dollar companies, my journey has been anything but ordinary. With an academic background in Marketing and Visual Communication backed by an MBA, I offer a unique blend of creative vision and strategic insight.

My experience spans design, brand development, international campaigns, and educating the next generation of talents in visual communication and social media marketing. This multifaceted skill set makes me a creative powerhouse and a strategic thinker who understands the business nuances.

So, if you’re looking for someone who can elevate your brand while aligning with your business goals, let’s connect and create something extraordinary.

how it started

Ever since I was little, I have always enjoyed art. It all started when I was little because I grew up on a steady diet of things like Saturday morning cartoons, Gargoyels, Zelda, Batman, and later anime like Dragonball Z. Art was my favorite subject throughout school. I took every chance to practice it.

When I was young, my parents bought a new red Subaru station wagon, and I decided this brand-new car needed some improvement. The new vehicle was adorned with racing stripes by way of a rock. Although my parents weren’t the happiest, I was encouraged to explore my creativity, at least in controlled circumstances.

My College Education

Even though I had a penchant for design, I pursued a bachelor’s degree in marketing with an emphasis in Visual Communication. I later completed an MBA with an emphasis in marketing. Through both degrees, I gained vital marketing and leadership skills.

Skills Gained In

BA Business Administration & an Emphasis in Marketing

Marketing Fundamentals

Understanding of the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) and other core marketing concepts.

Data Analysis & Strategy

Basic skills in analyzing market data to identify trends and make informed decisions.

Consumer Behavior

Understanding the psychological factors influencing consumers’ buying decisions.

Basic Financial Acumen

Grasping financial statements, budgeting, and other essential financial concepts.

Project Management

Skills in planning, executing, and closing projects effectively.

Skills Gained In

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with an Emphasis in Marketing

Strategic Thinking

Advanced skills in formulating, implementing, and evaluating cross-functional decisions.

Advanced Market Research

Skills in using tools and frameworks for market analysis.

Leadership & Management

Advanced skills in leading teams, conflict resolution, and organizational behavior.

Ethics & Guidence

Understanding ethical practices, corporate social responsibility, and governance in a business context.

Integrated Marketing

Understanding how to align different promotional tools and platforms for an effective marketing strategy.

Graphic Design Education

While completing my undergraduate degree, I also minored in visual communication. I also started doing freelance design work for an SEO firm and a few other companies. My college education taught me the skills needed to work as a graphic designer, but the freelance work gave me the experience to enter the job market.

Visual Creativity

Strong sense of aesthetics, design principles, and color theory.


Expertise in text layout, typeface selection, and grid systems.

Technical Proficiency

Adept in Adobe Creative Suite, Procreate, and other design tools.

Attention to Detail

Exceptional focus on fine elements, ensuring high-quality final products.

Communication Skills

Excellent at articulating design choices and understanding client needs.


Skilled in optimizing user experience and simplifying complex designs.

Work Experience

My marketing degrees and design capabilities have made me a unique and capable integrated marketer. I have led teams of creatives, worked for multiple billion-dollar companies, and have seen impactful success. I have traveled internationally to art direct campaigns and run successful businesses.

Brands I’ve Worked with

Types of Projects

graphic design
digital strategy
brand managment
content marketing
social media campaigns
strategy development
public relations

Teaching Experience

My years in the industry, especially in leadership positions, mentorship, and teaching, have always been close to my heart. I’ve relished opportunities to guide emerging talents and help them flourish. So, when the chance came to take this passion to the next level, I couldn’t resist. I joined a private university to teach Visual Communication and Social Media Content Marketing courses, and it’s been an enriching journey. Below are the emphasizes and classes I taught.

Visual Communication Emphasis

When I first started, I primarily taught within the visual communications emphasis. The emphasis teaches the necessary skills to enter the graphic design industry, be it a project manager or content creation job. I taught the upper-level classes and mostly worked with juniors and seniors.

Visual Communication

This intro course teaches the basics of graphic design and introduces students to the Adobe Creative Suite and other things like photography.

Digital Imaging

This course teaches the skills and knowledge needed to create professional quality photography through hands-on experience. It surveys different forms of photography and how to manipulate images in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Advanced Visual Communication

Graduating students plan and execute three significant projects, one of which is a large group project. Every project is different and requires considerable adaptability and impromptu teaching.

Social Media Emphasis

Within a short period at the university, I saw a missing gap in which students could develop an additional area of expertise. There were a few social media classes. However, we could create an entire emphasis on social media and content marketing. With a few other key stakeholders, we developed this new emphasis. Within this emphasis, I teach a few different courses.

Blog Content Creation

This course is a hands-on learning experience creating social media content for a brand. The course focuses on creating quality, functional, long-form content through research, creative and critical thinking, and group work.

Designing for Social Media

Students strategically create and execute a visual content strategy for a social media presence. Students go through identifying and selecting an audience, building the brand’s social media accounts, and creating and executing a visual content strategy within different mediums.

Digital & Social Media Campaigns

Senior students use previously gained skills to plan, execute, and measure the results and make intelligent adjustments for an integrated, professional-caliber digital/social media strategy and execution for two different brands/organizations.

Student-Run Creative Agency

The university also has a creative agency where businesses will look for innovative solutions. The agency fully functions with full-time employees but is primarily run by students. I have been the faculty advisor for the marketing and graphic design departments for several years. I was responsible for overseeing all client work produced by those two teams. The client projects typically included strategic planning, conceptualization, development and execution, quality control, client and stakeholder communications, and team leadership and development. Although my primary goal was to teach and mentor students, this experience kept me on one foot within the industry.

Let’s work together

So, why should you collaborate with me? Well, if you’re after a dynamic fusion of strategic insight and creative prowess, look no further. With my hands-on experience in leading teams, crafting global campaigns, and teaching future industry leaders, I have a unique blend of skills to take your brand to the next level. Take advantage of the opportunity to benefit from a marketer who gets the visuals and understands the business side of things. Let’s connect and make something extraordinary happen.

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