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Hey, I’m James Rognon! I’ve had the incredible chance to envision and execute digital and social plans for everyone—from tiny startups to big-name Fortune 500s. I’m all about conceptualization and brand development and am an art direction and multimedia design expert. For the past few years, I’ve also been the go-to mentor in a leadership & team management role, teaching the next generation of creatives at a private university. I’m looking for new adventures and challenges, so let’s make something unique happen.

my core expertise


Strategy isn’t just a buzzword for me—it’s the North Star guiding all my decisions. Whether brainstorming the next extensive campaign or leading a team of creatives, I always keep the endgame in sight. It’s all about connecting the dots between conceptualization, brand development, and art direction to craft something that doesn’t just look good but also nails the objectives. Strategy is my secret sauce for turning creative visions into real-world successes.

Art Direction

Since diving into the world of Art Direction back in 2010, I’ve been living and breathing visual storytelling. I have a knack for turning a creative brief into a visual feast that grabs attention and drives the message home. Over the years, I’ve honed my skills in everything digital, always with an eye for detail and a passion for excellence. Trust me, when it comes to shaping the look and feel of a campaign or project, I’ve got it down to an art—literally!

Brand Management

Here’s the twist—I’m not just a creative at heart but also a strategist with an MBA in Marketing. This unique combo allows me to see beyond the aesthetics, diving deep into the business aspects that make or break a brand. While I love crafting visually stunning campaigns, what sets me apart is my ability to align those creative endeavors with business needs and strategies. I get the bigger picture, meaning I can visually and strategically guide a brand. It’s like having a visionary and a business consultant rolled into one.

I’ve proudly worked with

Over the years, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with some fantastic companies. These partnerships have been game-changers, allowing me to flex my creative muscles and make a real impact. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the standout names I’ve teamed up with:

A sample of my work experience

Having been doing this for more than ten years, I have worked with various brands, companies, and clients. My portfolio is but a small sample of everything I have worked on.

work experience

Aug 2016 — today

tenured professor


Jan 2014 — Aug 2016

interactive art director


Jan 2013 — Nov 2013

creative director

Virtel Marketing

Jun 2011 — Jan 2013

creative director

PR Marketing.com

Oct 2010 — Jun 2011

senior web designer




Goal Zero




primary focus

integrated marketing

integrated marketing

integrated marketing

content marketing

content marketing

secondary focus


social media

integrated marketing

social media

social media


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